12 Most Historic Gems On the Jersey Shore That Survived Hurricane Sandy

Let’s face it, Jersey has a bad rap. Many people think of Newark, industrial plants, pollution. It’s the “drive-through” state. An ongoing joke for people who live in New Jersey is “what exit?” While many haven’t listed New Jersey as their top vacation destination, knowing it’s worth the trip may inspire you to change your […]

The Universe, The Twitterverse: Ask and You Shall Receive

The Universe, The Twitterverse, both massive, each has their own vibrations, and moves in unison. People talk about “putting positive energy out into The Universe” and The Universe will respond to your needs and desires. I’m a believer in those inexplicable energies that work in life’s grand design. Now, what if you could actually see that energy in […]

A Beautiful Spectrum

I call her “Girlie Girl”~ “Girlie” for short. She loves sparkle, the color pink, dresses and glitter. My beautiful niece is on the Autism Spectrum. Her disability was diagnosed at age four. She was very insular, didn’t respond when you called her name~ she was  in her own world.  At the time, it was hard to […]