My First Moment of Truth

Snow Swept Beach 

This is the shot~ the first photograph I took with a Samsung cell phone,  5 megapixel camera that made friends open their eyes wide, and say “wow, this is amazing.”  Really? You think so?

I had ventured out into the blizzard of 2010 in 4ft of snow and gusty winds on the beach in Ocean Grove.  It was extraordinary watching the snow blanket and rush the surface of the sand, the turbulent ocean waves crashing into the  jetties.  I just *have* to capture this moment, and all I had was a cell phone with a camera~ so I took the shots.

Why exactly would I head face into a dangerous blizzard? Adventure? Needing to get out from a cooped up space? Sheer fascination with this massive storm? Maybe for all those reasons, or, maybe it was The Universe putting me on a new life path.

It was because of the photos I took on that day and shared with friends and family that my photography journey began.  Since that time I have captured many special moments. The Asbury Park Press selected this particular photo for an article.  I was invited to have my own show at a local art gallery, and exhibited in a group show at another gallery.  I  sell my photographs at several stores, and created my own website, etsy shop, facebook page, and now, my own blog.

It’s been quite an unexpected adventure, though isn’t that what life’s about?


12 thoughts on “My First Moment of Truth

  1. Nice post and photo, Esta! It’s amazing how your photography journey started! 🙂 Looking forward to reading more posts on this blog!

    • I almost feel guilty saying I didn’t use any effects when taking the shot! Honestly, I was using a 5 megapixel camera on my cell; it’s the way the image was captured that gave it that effect. Tho in editing process, photo had darkish pink overtones, so I did brighten shot. 🙂

    • … yes, I do sell my photographs online, if I’m exhibiting and in a local retail store. I now use a Canon Rebel for most of my photographs, tho earlier this year a local photography gallery did a cell phone photography show! All of my links on on my blog menu. Thank you for asking! e.

    • Thank you for your lovely comment. Honestly, I used a my cell with 5 megapixel camera! After my upload, the only editing was brightening… the initial photo had lots of pink overtones, needed to adjust color balance :)) I generally use a Canon Rebel for most shots, however, I do use my cell when an opportunity arises and I’m not carrying my camera. There is a local photography gallery that recently held a photo cell phone show. As long as you have an eye, use whatever goes “click” and captures an image 🙂

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